You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hallo! Ich bin Elena! Willkommen auf meinem Reiseblog Creativelena.com.
Ich bin die Kreativreisende, und Du offensichtlich neugierig.

*Was ist "Kreativ Reisen"? Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert Dir mein Reisehandbuch "The Creative Traveler's Handbook". Am liebsten reise ich im Rhythmus der Einheimischen und bin dazu bereits ein paar Mal um die Welt. Sechssprachig. Mit viel Charme, Herz und Hirn. Dies hat mich sowohl ruhig als auch rastlos gestimmt: In der Fähigkeit, inspirierende Geschichten über außergewöhnliche Menschen und Regionen zu erzählen, liegt mein größtes Lebensglück. Viel Vergnügen & Inspiration beim Stöbern durch meine Reisegeschichten!



Travel Highlights 2013: From A like Andalucia to Z like Zollverein

Travelling and immersing oneself in foreign cultures: A daunting thought to some, while others consider it second nature. Being of the latter, I personally find it very hard to understand that some people plan their annual holiday trip according to a random price in a magazine. “The all-inclusive deal to Spain is € 150,- less than the […]


Travelling in Denmark: Tips & Destinations for Travelling with Friends

Denmark in the summer … A dream. During the first week of July, my brother and I travel to Roskilde on the occasion of Roskilde Music Festival, one of the largest in the whole of Europe. Despite Denmark sharing the same latitude with countries such as Scotland or Ireland, my packing remains very summerly and optimistic. Long days & lots […]


Six Hours in Sweden: From Copenhagen to Malmö

“There is this bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö. Trains connecting Denmark with Sweden leave about every half hour, so just take any one you like.” Martin, our wonderful local Danish host, tells us with a smile. Easy. Together with my brother Julian, we have travelled to Denmark in order to rock at Roskilde Festival and […]


#Balticdiscovery Part III: E-Bike, Spa & Sunset Romance in Kühlungsborn

Thinking back of my stay in Kühlungsborn as part of our #Balticdiscovery trip at the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg, I still shiver with emotions. Happiness. Excitement. Such was the magic of pure bliss that my words risk to be carried away when recalling the gentle sea breeze … Just so you know I am not fantasizing, I […]


#Balticdiscovery Part II: An Experience of Creative Travel in the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg

Creative Travelling. I love it! The magic of creating something personal and unique, the proud flashes in the eyes of all creative travellers, the feeling of really connecting with a place. Taking the time and peace to feel the vibe of the local people and their use of creative material such as wood, ceramics or Spätzle (during […]


#Balticdiscovery Part I: Young Journalists in Wismar and Neubukow

The Baltic Sea is just beautiful. From the car-free island Hiddensee in the West to the Hanseatic city Wismar in the East, I can only repeat myself saying: Just beautiful. Maybe it has been the magic of spring, travelling here in May? My team of young travel blogging companions Emilie Lukman, Daniela Lorenzo, Maximo Perez, Andreas Thamm […]


Spring Break: Fresh Feelings with #Balticdiscovery

Sunday, 12 May, 2013. Dear readers, I will admit to it: I have been abstinent. Eight (long!) days have passed since my last blog post about the great #balticdiscovery trip experience, and I have only just managed to update you every now & then on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Flickr. Thanks to the countless creative and […]


#Balticdiscovery here we come!

Excitement. Happiness. Squealing with laughter! “Elena is able to fund her lifestyle travelling.” – “That actually sounds quite smart.” Well, is it? On the inside, I burst with happiness while continuing to listen to my girlfriends chatting in a cafe in Berlin. Maybe they are right! Something just FEELS RIGHT when, for the third time in […]


Seaside Love Affair ..

Gentle sea breezes. Coastal landscapes. Wide open spaces, sea gulls screaming in the wind & the smell of fresh fish. Peace and solitude, the wind caressing the land and the eternal sound of waves breaking against the shore. It is beautiful to be by the sea. Deeply and utterly confused by the recent snow and winter […]

Seagulls follow your every step at the Baltic Sea Coast

The young people and the sea

“The grass is always greener on the other side” … or longer. Heading north from our beloved Austrian “center stage” in the heart of Europe, a gentle sea breeze welcomes us cradling the high grass on the sand dunes of the Baltic Sea Coast near the islands of Hiddensee and Rügen. We have travelled here covering …

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