You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hallo! Ich bin Elena! Willkommen auf meinem Reiseblog Creativelena.com.
Ich bin die Kreativreisende, und Du offensichtlich neugierig.

*Was ist "Kreativ Reisen"? Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert Dir mein Reisehandbuch "The Creative Traveler's Handbook". Am liebsten reise ich im Rhythmus der Einheimischen und bin dazu bereits ein paar Mal um die Welt. Sechssprachig. Mit viel Charme, Herz und Hirn. Dies hat mich sowohl ruhig als auch rastlos gestimmt: In der Fähigkeit, inspirierende Geschichten über außergewöhnliche Menschen und Regionen zu erzählen, liegt mein größtes Lebensglück. Viel Vergnügen & Inspiration beim Stöbern durch meine Reisegeschichten!



Top Ten Instagram Travel Moments in 2014

Awesome “iphoneography”. I just love the aesthetics of my high resolution iPhone5 camera device coupled with the creativity and “filter-full” playground of Instagram. As a travel blogger, Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media apps apart from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I use it all the time to share those travel moments & photographs I deem […]


Burgenland Travel Tales: Meet & Greet the (real) Burgenland!

Aloisia Bischof talks “Heanzisch” with us – a typical, local area dialect from Southern Burgenland. Travelling in the very east of Austria, you will not only be won over by its charming, undulating landscape and mild, Pannonia climate, but also by the charm of the local people. Throughout history, many different peoples have settled here: […]

... moderne, herzlich gestimmte Gastgeber wie Manuel Komosny und sein Troubadour-Kollege lassen die Geschichte rund um Blutgräfin & Co. von Burg Lockenhaus fast vergessen!

Burgenland Travel Tales: Colourful Castles throughout the course of history

Those of you who follow me travelling around Austria will know that I have already been writing a lot of insightful stories about the very essence of Burgenland, located in the east of Austria at the border with Hungary and Slovakia. The Burgenland really hasn’t got much to do at all with the rest of […]


Burg Bernstein: Be My Guest, Take A Rest.

“Our Canadian guests have been coming back for the past 24 years”, young host & castle knight Erasmus tells us with pride in his voice while casually showing my friend & fellow travel blogger Monika how to open a bottle of sparkling wine using a saber. We are standing inside the large palace courtyard of Burg […]

Atmosphärischer Blickfang im Innenhof des Schlosses.

A cultural visit to Burgenland: Esterházy Palace & Lake Festival Mörbisch

The Pannonian climate around Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland greets us with a true “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. An evening mood of a kind starts to unfold against the backdrop of the Lake Festival Mörbisch: Glossy white moon in the sky, pastel colours to match, endless views over the wide lake. Northern Burgenland with its powerful red […]


A cultural visit to Southern Burgenland: Top Travel Tips during Summer

The local address “Am Teichwald 1” (literally “Forest Pond Nr. 1”) does sound tempting. It makes me picture the green, gentle nature of southern Burgenland, the grace of a quiet pond, the cool shaded location in the heat of a midsummer’s day. The open air restaurant KOI – “Kulinarik Am Teich” – has a lot to offer. […]

Bye bye Slowakei: Schön war's dank des einfach zu organisierenden Tagesausfluges mit dem TwinCityLiner!

Burgenland & Bratislava: #Winelover Destinations & TwinCityLiner.

“First, you hold your glass of wine carefully over a white surface in order to check its colour. Then, you sniff at the wine, not too strongly otherwise all the tender aromas will not reach you fully. And only then comes the tasting test.” *Slurp*. What my dear friend & “winesome” blogging colleague Anna Zell […]

Anblick für Genießer: Die schneckenförmig angeordnete St. Martins Therme im burgenländischen Seewinkel ist schon alleine aufgrund ihrer Architektur ziemlich außergewöhnlich.

Relaxing Weekend Break at St. Martins Spa & Lodge in Burgenland

If you are able to rid yourself of something here at Seewinkel near Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, then it is this: A feeling for time. “Can we meet later?”, is all we manage to say to our friend Ursula, who lives very near to the spa. The warm waters, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly staff at the exceptional St. Martins […]


Travel Highlights 2013: From A like Andalucia to Z like Zollverein

Travelling and immersing oneself in foreign cultures: A daunting thought to some, while others consider it second nature. Being of the latter, I personally find it very hard to understand that some people plan their annual holiday trip according to a random price in a magazine. “The all-inclusive deal to Spain is € 150,- less than the […]

photo 2_I

My Top 10 Instagram Photos in Autumn

It must have been for a reason that I was born in the autumn. Ever since I can think, I attributed the autumn with a special kind of magic: The colours, the intense luminosity of the golden afternoon sun, its last warming rays on your skin, the countless offerings of nature. For me, autumn is […]

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