You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hallo! Ich bin Elena! Willkommen auf meinem Reiseblog Creativelena.com.
Ich bin die Kreativreisende, und Du offensichtlich neugierig.

*Was ist "Kreativ Reisen"? Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert Dir mein Reisehandbuch "The Creative Traveler's Handbook". Am liebsten reise ich im Rhythmus der Einheimischen und bin dazu bereits ein paar Mal um die Welt. Sechssprachig. Mit viel Charme, Herz und Hirn. Dies hat mich sowohl ruhig als auch rastlos gestimmt: In der Fähigkeit, inspirierende Geschichten über außergewöhnliche Menschen und Regionen zu erzählen, liegt mein größtes Lebensglück. Viel Vergnügen & Inspiration beim Stöbern durch meine Reisegeschichten!



Top Ten Instagram Travel Moments in 2014

Awesome “iphoneography”. I just love the aesthetics of my high resolution iPhone5 camera device coupled with the creativity and “filter-full” playground of Instagram. As a travel blogger, Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media apps apart from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I use it all the time to share those travel moments & photographs I deem […]

Von wegen "Viele Köche verderben den Brei!" Birgit hat's heraußen ...

Behind The Scenes of Salzburg: Tasty Dumplings & Totally Awesome “Moor” Food!

Open or secret: Gourmet foodie travel continues to be a topic of huge interest here in Austria. And especially Salzburg, thanks to being the nation’s “secret beer capital” and home to the annual Eat & Meet Genussfestival, deserves a mention here, what with food tours around the city getting more and more popular, too! We have just come off […]

... wir sagen DANKE für einen unvergesslichen Besuch & Einblick in die Historie der weltberühmten Kulturhauptstadt Salzburg!

Behind The Scenes of Salzburg: Tour with a Night Watchman & Historic “Almkanal” Crossing

The historical night watchmen. More and more, we find those particularly intriguing, talented “storytellers” all over Europe, who thanks to their traditional clothing and use of language appear to have time-travelled straight from the Middle Ages. My first point of call with the “his-story” of a night watchman was in 2013 in the Danish city of Ribe, followed […]

... und dabei solche Schönheit vorzufinden, ist einfach Urlaubsglück pur.

Baking Bread & Make Your Own Mountain Medicine: Creative Travel Reloaded in Salzburg

Kathi beams at us. Her radiance & warm-hearted friendliness immediately put us under a spell, having arrived at her organic farm “Maierlgut” in Flachauwinkel about an hour south of the city of Salzburg. The farm, jointly managed by Katharina Schmidt and her ​​partner Christine Mooslechner, is idyllically located at the foot of the surrounding mountains overlooking the […]

... inspiriert in gleichem Maße wie die Muße, sich auf die Wiedergabe der Details des weiblichen Körpers zu konzentrieren. Spannend!

Singing, Sculpting & Painting Pleasures: Creative Travel Reloaded in Salzburg

Finally. Again this year. And indeed, each and EVERY year, the creative mountain destination Altenmarkt-Zauchensee brings together like-minded souls and creative talents as part of the so-called “Natura.Kreativ” – Creative Mountain Travel during the last weeks of August. For the fifth year in a row, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee has proven to be a true “hot spot for creativity” […]


Food Tours Worldwide: “A moveable feast” from Bangkok, to Graz, to Salzburg, to Porto!

Sweet. Crunchy. Spicy. Unusual. Hot! Tender. Delicious. Soft. And oh, my God … When have you last closed your eyes, sighed for the magic of the moment, the sweet taste of something unfamiliar yet incredibly tasty lingering hot in your mouth? 🙂 I know that feeling. Ever since I started travelling at the tender age of three […]

... schließlich dürfen wir selbst zupacken und feinstes Getreidemehl "begreifen" ...

Salzburg Gourmet Trip: Grinding the Good Stuff Gets us Going!

Salzburg served in four tasty bites: This is the last blog post in a series of yummy “Salzburg Gourmet Trip” tips, ending with dessert. Here, I will serve you all the final stories, topped with cream-like gourmet moments, plus many more sweet and clever people we met along the way. Those of you who are really […]


Salzburg Gourmet Trip: Main Courses Really Are My Thing

Just so you know, dear readers. On my gourmet trip through Salzburg, I have finally reached my central highlight after a pleasant “amuse gueule” – a culinary city walk of Salzburg – as well as that perfect entrée – learning how to harvest our own caviar! We have been invited to experience yet another cooking class, this […]


Salzburg Gourmet Trip: Take This for an Extraordinary Entrée!

“Don’t come to me with emails! You can call me any time, even at night, but the computer … I’d rather deal with people face to face!” Walter displays a broad, cheeky grin. His eyes are sparkling with wit, and would you believe it? Walter Grüll is Austria’s one and only sturgeon caviar producer! We are so lucky […]

Am Markt schließlich wird Inesz handgreiflich: Hier sind Besucher eingeladen, ihren eigenen Käse portioniert abzuschneiden.

Salzburg Gourmet Trip: Serving you a culinary walk for an “amuse gueule”

“Expect a real gourmet trip in Salzburg!” Birgit’s happiness about our upcoming trip to Salzburg shines through every line of her last message. I am on a mission again, this time with reisebloggerin.at Gudrun Krinzinger on a perfectly sunny spring day, travelling to the city of Salzburg in order to experience the so-called “eat & meet” festival. Joining […]

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