You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hallo! Ich bin Elena! Willkommen auf meinem Reiseblog Creativelena.com.
Ich bin die Kreativreisende, und Du offensichtlich neugierig.

*Was ist "Kreativ Reisen"? Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert Dir mein Reisehandbuch "The Creative Traveler's Handbook". Am liebsten reise ich im Rhythmus der Einheimischen und bin dazu bereits ein paar Mal um die Welt. Sechssprachig. Mit viel Charme, Herz und Hirn. Dies hat mich sowohl ruhig als auch rastlos gestimmt: In der Fähigkeit, inspirierende Geschichten über außergewöhnliche Menschen und Regionen zu erzählen, liegt mein größtes Lebensglück. Viel Vergnügen & Inspiration beim Stöbern durch meine Reisegeschichten!



“O PORTO ENCANTA” … Love & Magic on the road.

Dear readers. “I am so inspired”. (#Ibinsoinspiriert). Only recently, my dear friends & fellow travel bloggers here in Austria have assigned me this unique local lingo hashtag. I guess a big part of it is owed by the fact that Creativelena has forever (been) inspired by writing & sharing stories on her travel blog. And […]


“Douro Exclusive”: World-Famous Wine & Gourmet Moments in Portugal

Maeve is holding on to dear life (and Richard), as the wine terraces next to her take a deep plunge. She does not dare to look out the car window so as to enjoy the magnificent view out into the Douro valley below. I take her hand, soothing her softly, and we both start laughing. […]

Ein Teil der Ausstellung umfasst auch Werke dieses Künstlers hier.

Culture, Carving & Culinary Delights: Travelling Val Gardena in South Tyrol, Alto Adige

South Tyrol. What images does the name of this destination carry for you? The mighty Dolomites mountains. The sunny ski slopes during winter. The excellent local area wines. People out here in the far north of Italy perceive themselves as a region distinct from the rest of the country: “We are from South Tyrol.” Or, like […]


Food Tours Worldwide: “A moveable feast” from Bangkok, to Graz, to Salzburg, to Porto!

Sweet. Crunchy. Spicy. Unusual. Hot! Tender. Delicious. Soft. And oh, my God … When have you last closed your eyes, sighed for the magic of the moment, the sweet taste of something unfamiliar yet incredibly tasty lingering hot in your mouth? 🙂 I know that feeling. Ever since I started travelling at the tender age of three […]


Creative Travel in the Ardennes Luxembourgeoises: Felting, Photography & Foodie Wine Travel!

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Another one bites the nettle. Flowers are a girl’s best friend. Digging deep for slate stone jewellery! Those of you who really want to know what is going on in a country the size of Lower Austria, in the multi-nation state of Luxembourg, will have to travel the creative way. “We […]


Summer Festival Highlights in Lower Austria

The voice of the young singer “Rosario La Tremendita” fills the stage: Smoky, sublime, “tremendous” and full of fire as the Andalusian Flamenco she sings. While she draws her breath, the equally impressive singer Mohammad Motamedi from Iran responds in his very own Far Eastern way to the fiery flamenco, resulting in a singing duet as I […]

Voller Leidenschaft, diese Südländer! Wein ist aber nicht die einzige Leidenschaft von Álvaro wie wir an diesem Abend herausfinden sollten! Hier seht ihr ihn bei der Verkostung eines wunderbaren "Quinta de Cidro"!

Winelover Trip through Portugal: Douro and Serra da Estrela Part III

Imagine: a mixture of Tuscany and Wachau. Gently rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, olive groves and orange trees, with a lovely, meandering green river Douro. This area offers the perfect conditions for the production of the famous port wine. In the Douro region, delicacies of all kinds are created. Not only wine lovers get their money’s worth, but […]


Porto & the Douro Valley: My love affair of a kind.

What do you write when you are in love? 🙂 It is what it is, is what the German poet Erich Fried already expressed in his magical poem about love. We are now talking about Porto and its adjoining Douro valley, home to the magnificent port wines of this world. I literally fell head over heels. The country, its […]

Besonders dieser Blick auf das Schloss Augustusburg hat es mir angetan. So schön - und wirklich sehenswert hier! Seht Euch ruhig auch mal die englischen & französischen Website-Infos darüber an und empfehlt sie Euren Freunden. ;)

Work starts with Pleasure: English & French translations of the World Heritage Brühl Palaces

Augustusburg & Falkenlust: The Palaces of Brühl in the World Heritage Rhine country. Such was the mission of me visiting this unique and fascinating World Heritage site in Germany during the summer month of July 2013. Altogether, I have been travelling to seven out of 38 German World Heritage sites, meeting the most warm-hearted and […]

Reisevortrag Südamerika Elena Paschinger

A year ago to the day, I went for a trip round South America. Curious? Come & join my travel photo exhibition!

There is a remedy to the travel bug. Let me tell you (and convince myself!) about it! Having Spanish lunch, followed by New Zealand carrot cake, talking about summer travel plans with the family. Sounds good, right? But South America … I guess there is no cure for wanting to go there. Again and again. […]

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