You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hallo! Ich bin Elena! Willkommen auf meinem Reiseblog Creativelena.com.
Ich bin die Kreativreisende, und Du offensichtlich neugierig.

*Was ist "Kreativ Reisen"? Antworten auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert Dir mein Reisehandbuch "The Creative Traveler's Handbook". Am liebsten reise ich im Rhythmus der Einheimischen und bin dazu bereits ein paar Mal um die Welt. Sechssprachig. Mit viel Charme, Herz und Hirn. Dies hat mich sowohl ruhig als auch rastlos gestimmt: In der Fähigkeit, inspirierende Geschichten über außergewöhnliche Menschen und Regionen zu erzählen, liegt mein größtes Lebensglück. Viel Vergnügen & Inspiration beim Stöbern durch meine Reisegeschichten!


Creative travel, hands-on workshops, cooking & craft lessons, painting, photography or simply preferring to speak four languages a day: Do you also prefer listening to locals’ advice, being off rather than on stage, being a traveller rather than a tourist? Then Creativelena’s Travel Blog is just what you are looking for!


Travel Highlights 2013: From A like Andalucia to Z like Zollverein

Travelling and immersing oneself in foreign cultures: A daunting thought to some, while others consider it second nature. Being of the latter, I personally find it very hard to understand that some people plan their annual holiday trip according to a random price in a magazine. “The all-inclusive deal to Spain is € 150,- less than the […]


Travel Videos: My Voice in Lower Austria and Andalucia

Do you know the feeling when you just want to lean back and enjoy soaking up good travel information? Not having to search for it actively, but have it served right to your living room, like a good meal? Of course you do. I am just the same, often feeling overwhelmed by what is out […]


Creative Travel in Cádiz: Top Picks from Bolonia to Vejer De La Frontera

The beautiful “white village” of Vejer De La Frontera sits high atop a hill overlooking the surrounding Andalusian landscape in the province of Cádiz. If you look closely, you can even see the old Roman ruins in Bolonia bay at the horizon. Spain really excels itself once more here, as we could already confirm travelling to the city of Cádiz and exploring […]


Three Days in Tarifa: Cosmopolitan City “con carácter”!

Perhaps, my lonesome twenty minutes of sunbathing & daydreaming at the sunny beaches of Tarifa have been the most intense of my whole trip to the province of Cádiz, Andalusia. Even though we are once more pushing the cliché of “sol y playa”, it cannot be denied: Turquoise seas, view over African mountains in the […]


CADIZ: The Gem of Southern Spain & the oldest city of Europe!

“Cadiz is just stunning, wait till you see it.” – “Cadiz?! Oh, it is absolutely beautiful … You are going to love it, Elena.” So many people have told me about the beauty of my current travel destination, the city of Cadiz in the southwestern-most part of Spain, and I can only agree: It is just beautiful […]


Food Romance: Culinary Delights in Galicia from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela

Romaticising: Oh ain’t it beautiful. And Galicia has it all: Breathtaking coastal landscapes. Deep blue sea. Turquoise sandy bays. Beautiful summer sunshine. Happy people. And then the cuisine … Seafood. Cheese. Wine. Paella. Tortilla. Dear heart, WHAT else is it you want right now!? (Eating. Perhaps.) Enjoy !!   Culinary Adventure Trips in Vigo, the largest (port) city of Galicia The best thing […]


City walk in Barcelona: Human Towers & Castles in the Sand …

I just LOVE Barcelona. Actually, I never need a reason for visiting the capital city of Catalonia. Returning home from my creative travel experience in Galicia? Barcelona is on the way, “halfway” between Santiago de Compostela and Vienna. Besides, my beautiful friend & colleague Caroline Couret, of the International Creative Tourism Network and Barcelona’s creative […]


Creative Travel in Galicia: “Put A Face To Tourism” in Spain

“Sandra & you are sure to get along really well.” Such are the reassuring words of introduction made by Caroline Couret, head of the International Creative Tourism Network in Barcelona: Two young ladies, one & the same passion: Travelling in order to experience the local culture. And always with the locals, please: Just over a year ago, Sandra […]


18 hours in San Sebastián: Travel Tips Around “Pintxos y Vino”

It is always the same: Little time and so much to see and do. Oh Donostia – San Sebastián. If, like me, you are short for time, you are still going to love this place: It rushes straight at you and goes right to the heart. The mighty buildings of the old town. The countless, […]

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